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Impact Factory runs Open Negotiation Skills Courses Tailored Negotiation Skills Training Five Day Communicate With Impact Workshops and personalised One-to-One Negotiation Coaching for anyone who is interested in Negotiation Issues Negotiation Skills - Contrasts the avoiding and accommodating approaches to negotiating.Also explains how to appropriately use these approaches.People often ask "which is the best negotiation style?

Second, consider the other side’s negotiating style.

Are they competitive or do they Accommodate, Avoid, Compromise, or Collaborate?

Use this strategy carefully.) Two other times when an accommodating strategy can be appropriate: (1) if you are a manager and want your subordinates to take on responsibility and learn from their own mistakes, and (2) when you are hopelessly outmatched in power and the other side is using a competing strategy and you are going to lose anyway. If you feel that your concerns are never acknowledged and your opinions are ignored, you may be too accommodating.

There are five long-recognized styles of negotiating which characterize both approaches to resolving disputes or making deals and the default approach taken by each individual to negotiating.

Using this approach can also increase the other parties resistance to negotiation.