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The whole book dives deep into the subject of the pursuit of happiness, and it helps the reader realize that happiness is a choice.

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No wonder reliance on friends, family, and community is not enough to create lasting happiness for most people, we’re wired up to find intimacy in partnership.

Today, the world is populated by people who need people.

I remember when my daughter, then six, came running in the door, breathless to tell me what she’d learned in school that day: “Mum, did you realise people it. ” Just yesterday, I was out walking when a neighbor, a man in his late 90s, drove up.

He held out a shaking hand to grasp mine as he told me his beloved wife had died the day before.

Authors Mildred Newman and Bernard Berkowitz believe that happiness is an art and that humans have to choose to learn how to be happy, much in the same way one would decide to learn how to speak Spanish.