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Acţiunea se amplifică şi mai mult în momentul în care el hotareste să îşi facă o operaţie care îl poate ajuta să îşi recupereze parţial vederea.

I say this as someone who has been on a blind date with a friend’s friend’s dentist’s patient and lived to tell about it.

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Roberts was born clinically blind in one eye, and “her vision is going,” said the insider.

“That’s why she wears eyeglasses more often now.” In fact, the beauty’s eyesight is so poor, she “shouldn’t be driving” said a source, but when she gets pulled over on the Pacific Coast Highway near her Malibu home, “the police let her go because she’s Julia Roberts!

Aside from all the normal dating rules; don’t get tipsy, recount previous bad dates, or bring up past life trauma, and so on, a couple tips might make this nerve-wracking event a little less stressful. In the French movie , an excruciatingly shy woman makes a list of topics to discuss on her date to help her converse like a normal human.

At the restaurant, she plies her equally shy date immediately with these heady subjects – the Middle East, Art – causing him to periodically run to the bathroom in a sweaty panic to change his shirt and reapply deodorant.

Though these experiences tend to range from the moderately benign to the painful and bewildering, some people have actually met their spouses as the result of a blind date, as hard as it is to believe.


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