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This blog is about my unique multicultural family and showcases other multicultural families too. The findings of a new study at North-West University in Mahikeng about changes in interracial marriages have raised hopes that race relations in the country are improving.

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in the second half of the nineteenth century, other academic chemists established the compound's chemical structure and devised more efficient methods of synthesis.

In 1897, scientists at the drug and dye firm Bayer began investigating acetylsalicylic acid as a less-irritating replacement for standard common salicylate medicines, and identified a new way to synthesize it.

Welcome, I’m Nikita Gupta and I am a career nomad that became a SAHM and entrepreneur.

I am raising a beautiful African-American and South Asian-American child.

The overall odds of a person marrying someone of the same race group dropped from 303:1 in 1996 to 95:1 in 2011, a situation that is attributed to the general changes in attitudes in society and the mutual tolerance of the races through increased contact in contexts such as education, religion and residential neighbourhoods.


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