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Trees in other locations are still holding blossoms but are a bit past their prime.

If you are coming to the park to see blossoms in the next few days, we recommend visiting the grove of cherry trees near the Adventure Playground / High Park Zoo parking lot or the trees along the shore of Grenadier Pond, closest to the wooden dock and maple leaf garden.

Batten, an expert on cherry blossoms and climate change in Japanese history says, echoing a principle that's aligned with Buddhist thought: "Enjoy it now because they're going to be gone."That idea helped cherry blossoms become seen as symbols for the military, as personnel were told it was an honor to "die like beautiful falling cherry petals" during the period of imperial expansion in Japan that started in the late 19th century and extended through World War II, argues Emiko Ohnuki-Tierney, anthropologist at the University of Wisconsin and author of Many cherry trees were planted in Japan and also in its colonies during that period, and the use of the image as a military insignia helped spread the association between Japan and the cherry blossom.

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Over the next few days the blossoms will gradually go from white to a pale pink.

When is the Best Time to Visit Washington DC to See the Cherry Blossoms?

Generally in Japan, if cherry blossoms "bloom earlier than usual, it means it was warmer than usual, and if they bloom later than usual, it means it was colder than usual," according to Batten .

"Cherry blossoms basically confirm what is known from other scientific proxies or sources — tree rings, pollen samples, corals, etc.

The rain is knocking petals off and blanketing the ground with cherry blossom snow. As expected, the bloom this year is a little more subdued than usual simply because it’s firing with only half its usual firepower.


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