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Connecticut General Statutes Section 51-217 states the grounds for which a person can be disqualified, and they are listed on the portion of the jury summons that you can fill out and mail to Jury Administration.

You may also submit certain disqualification requests online.

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Operating Expenses Gross: 0.70 1 The blended index consists of 45% Russell 1000 Value Index, 44% Bloomberg Barclays Corporate Index, 5.5% JP Morgan Emerging Markets Bond Index Plus, and 5.5% Bloomberg Barclays U. Operating Expenses Gross: 0.47 1 Bloomberg Barclays Municipal Bond 1-15 Year Blend (1-17) Index is a sub-index of the Bloomberg Barclays Municipal Bond Index.

It is a rules-based market value-weighted index of bonds with maturities of one year to 17 years engineered for the tax-exempt bond market.

Although reestablishing this service was briefly mentioned in the South Central Regional Council of Government's January 2001 Long Range Mobility Plan A March 8–13, 2004 New Haven Register/Sacred Heart University transportation issues telephone study among a random sample of 801 Greater New Haven residents determined that 38.1% would be "very or somewhat likely" to patronize the line, indicating a renewed interest in the line.

The New Haven–Hartford–Springfield Commuter Rail Implementation Study, released in 2005 by Conn DOT, recommended half-hour peak service, with new stations at North Haven/Hamden, Newington, and Enfield.

Various delays have prevented the establishment of this service.