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), or Stef Pauluk -- Father & Mother were John & Gafeza. I am so excited, because we have found his two sisters in Romania! June 2007 -0700Hello, My name is Janice Shott (Neimor) and I am searching for any information on my grandparents on my fathers side. I have been told that the last name was changed from NEUMOHR to NEIMOR when they immigrated to Canada. I know very little about where they are from however I do know that they lived in Austria somewhere and during the war moved into Bukovena then on to Vibank, Saskatchewan in Canada.we were sorry to hear,that the Younger sister passed away a long time ago, but we are in contact with Eugenia and her family. If anyone knows anything at all please contact me at janice.shott @ veronicasim13 @ yahoo.com62.111.199.110Monday, 04.If you've never met Russian women personally and know only general facts about them, then your idea about these ladies must be pretty vague.

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June 2007 -0700Hello, My name is Simona Krupacz, mz family live in Bukowina.

If there are anz personas with familz name Krupacz I ask them to write to me... May 2007 -0700Hello, My name is Christine Colibaba.

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