Dating your new roommate

I don’t know anyone who needs a roommate, or anyone who is moving to town within the timeframe that I’d be looking to move.

Faced with spending $400 “extra” a month to live alone, plus the upfront cost of buying things like a TV and furniture (all off craigslist or on sale, and nothing ridiculous like a 50″ plasma – going for the best combination of long term value and cost savings), what would you advise your readers to do?

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‘Never have sex with someone you live with,’ a friend warned, as I pondered the loveliness of my new housemate’s swirly green eyes. Nobody wants to wake up in a hungover, post-coital haze to find their previous night’s mistake clipping nose hair in the communal bathroom.

I’m saving $400 a month now my living where I am and finishing my lease out, enabling me to pay off my credit card, build up my emergency fund some more (targeted to be at 1.5 months worth of expenses by the time I move out), and have the cash upfront to pay for my large purchases before moving out to my own apartment.