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Going through the process on What's Your Price, is similar to most of the other dating websites. Then, the next option is the most interesting — you get to set your user type.

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If you don't feel like a supermodel but can rock some heels, have a great smile and have a some swagger when you're wearing a short-enough but not-too-short a skirt, you are in the game and successful men are willing to pay for your valuable time.

If you are a female and online, you have some good pictures and an emotionally stirring and well-written profile, you will get bombarded with emails from available men.

ABC News Radio Online has the info: Unlike her two previous shows, The Way It Is and Family First, Cole’s new original docu-series will see her battling career complications, motherhood challenges and marital woes with her estranged husband Daniel Gibson.

Fans can expect the yet-to-be-titled series to consist of six 30-minute episodes.

If you are thinking about ways to get yourself into the next tax bracket, this new way of online dating could be the bump you need to reach your financial goals in 2013.