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Less than two months after she dumped him and locked him out, Paris Hilton has totally gotten back together with ex-boyfriend Doug Reinhardt!

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Alas, Darlene was no match for Spencer's sarcasm and 'Operation Free Heidi' went south.

Finally, at the pool party from Hilltop hell, we got up close and personal with (the real? While Doug appears just like the one we met at the beginning of Season 4, don't be fooled... Take a good hard look at the young man below and ask yourself this: Trustworthy...

Download a PDF of LEADERS Interview with Doug Reinhardt, Chief Executive Officer, FUGEN Mobile, LLC About Doug Reinhardt About Doug Reinhardt - Paris Hilton Lovers Doug started playing organized baseball at 4 years old.

Throughout his high school years, he gained an enormous respect for the sport.

Even the peripheral gym buddy wants an explanation!