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As someone who tells jokes for a living, I tend to go for the misanthrope who makes me cry, or tells me something terrifying. Maybe tell her she looks like someone you know—sorry, someone you’d like to know. Another way to get in her good graces: If it’s an event with a cash bar, see what she’s drinking and send her one.

Nothing gets my guard down better than being told an asteroid’s about to hit.

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Although we have all flirted and been flirted with, have you ever thought about we actually flirt?

I am guessing most people have not had moments of deep reflection on the question, but Dr. Aristotle argued that all communication was goal-oriented, and Henningsen's research has identified six goal-oriented reasons why we flirt: In his study of flirting motives, Henningsen had participants describe a standard flirting interaction.

Plus what man doesn't like to go into James Bond mode over a cute girl in yoga pants? Men are only human and need a little attention every once in a while.

Flirting and touching a girl is all part of the grand plan of impressing her and making her like you.

The statement, "Dad, Antonio is performing again" always makes me smile and laugh.