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Despite this, plenty have taken to social media to express their support for the 24-year-old.

Paige’s mom has leaped to her daughter’s defense since the incident, saying she is already seeking legal advice.

Yahoo’s biggest websites are being used by cyber-criminals to deliver malware to hundreds of millions of its visitors, security researchers have discovered.

Yahoo’s ad network consisting of some of the biggest websites including and its popular portals for sports, celebrity, games, and finance are being exploited to infect visitors’ machines with malware.

Facebook Scam Targeting Users with Malware New Banking Malware with Network Sniffer Spreading Rapidly Worldwide20-Year Old Vulnerability in LZO Compression Algorithm Went to Planet Mars Android 4.3 and Earlier versions Vulnerable to Critical Code-Execution Flaw FIFA World Cup Security Team Accidentally Reveals their Wi-Fi Password Stuxnet-like 'Havex' Malware Strikes European SCADA Systems Zero-Day Tim Thumb Web Shot Vulnerability leaves Thousands of Wordpress Blogs at Risk How To Jailbreak i OS 7.1 And 7.1.1 Untethered Using 'Pangu' Jailbreak Tool BBC News i OS App Not Hacked, Breaking News Push Messages Sent in Error Researchers Uncover Spying Tool Used by Governments to Hijack all Types of Smartphones India to Host 3rd Annual 'The Hackers Conference' this Year in August Intel Developing RFID Tracking and Remote Controlled 'Kill Switch' for Laptops DNS Flood DDo S Attack Hit Video Gaming Industry with 90 Million Requests per Second Open Wireless Router Let You Share Your Internet with the World Cisco Open Sources Experimental Small Domain Block Cipher Largest DDo S Attack Hit Hong Kong Democracy Voting Website Google Unveils Boring SSL, Another Flavor of Open SSLCyber Attack On 'Code Spaces' Puts Hosting Service Out of Business BMC Vulnerability Exposes Admin Password of 32,000 Servers in Plaintext on the Internet Play Drone Reveals Secret Keys from Thousands of Play Store Android Apps Millions of Linked In Users at Risk of Man-in-the-Middle Attack AT&T Suffers Data Breach, Customers' Personal Information Compromised20-years-old Alleged "Null Crew" Hacker Arrested by the FBITowelroot : One-Click Android Rooting Tool Released By Geohot Student Decrypts Simplocker Android Ransomware that Encrypts Files Chinese Android Smartphone comes with Pre-installed Spyware Internet Explorer Developer Channel - Early Access to Next-Generation Features For Developers FIFA World Cup 2014, Big Opportunity for Cybercriminals Deviant Art Malwaretising Campaigns lead to Potentially Unwanted Apps Facebook To Use Your Web Browsing History for Targeted Ads, Here's How To Opt-Out Now Wiko Mobiles Can be Remotely Crashed with a Text Message Google Play Store Update Allows Apps to Silently Gain Control of Your Device Zeus Alternative Pandemiya Banking Malware For Sale in Underground Forums PF Chang's China Bistro Confirms Credit and Debit Card Breach Loop Hole in Pay Pal Terms Allows Anyone to Double Pay Pal Money Endlessly Ninth Grade Students Hack into ATM Machine during School Lunch Break Hackers behind i Phone Ransom Attacks Arrested in Russia Feedly and Evernote Hit by DDo S Attacks, Extortion Demands Yahoo Toolbar Vulnerability Triggers Non-Exploitable XSS Payload on All Websites Apple i OS 8 Randomizes MAC Address while Scanning for Wi Fi Networksi OS 8 Safari Browser Can Read Your Credit Card Details Using Device Camera Linux Kernel Vulnerable to Privilege Escalation and Do S Attack Cryptowall Ransomware Spreading Rapidly through Malicious Advertisements Vodafone Reveals Some Governments Have Direct Access to Their Data Centers Microsoft to Patch Critical Internet Explorer Zero-Day Vulnerability Next Tuesday Open SSL Vulnerable to Man-in-the-Middle Attack and Several Other Bugs First Android Ransomware that Encrypts SD Card Files Join 'Reset The Net' Global Movement to Shut Off NSA Surveillance Vulnerability Management: Think Like an Attacker to Prioritize Risks Apple's New Swift Programming Language for i OS And OS X Apps.


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