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Some of the lures listed below and in the 3 subsequent Heddon Lure Galleries were only made for limited amounts of time and or limited quantities.We hope you'll enjoy this walk through a Heddon Lure Collection.The James Heddon Company began sometime in 1897, originally headquartered in Dowagiac, Michigan.

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I always appreciate pictures for those series number marked "No picture available" or to replace those of poor quality! DH - Double hooks on lures that had trebles as the standard hooks.

Best pictures including a good side view with ruler in the picture; other views and if possible, box pictures also welcome and will be used if provided! H - Treble hooks on lures that had trebles as the standard hooks.

While the plan was well intentioned, they never developed enough interest to bring this project to fruition.

The factory remained dormant for many years until 1991 when Don and Joan Lyons purchased the factory. Lanny West is the Senior Director of Marketing and International Sales for PRADCO. West joined the sales staff of Daisy and remained with Daisy-Heddon until 1970 when he came to work at PRADCO as Sales manager for their Rebel lure division. Lanny West had been a salesman with Daisy-Heddon since 1960.

On August 9, 1984 the Heddon Dowagiac factory was permanently closed and Heddon moved to Fort Smith, Arkansas.


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