Internet dating web of deceit

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When discussing any type of deception a key element to this phenomenon is that the deception is a deliberate or intentional act.

If someone provides incorrect information mistakenly, they are not said to be deceptive, they are simply said to be mistaken.

Deception is a commonly discussed topic but it is often hard for one to define deception and discuss the different types of deception that occur.

According to Caspi and Gorsky (2006), deception is defined as “knowingly transmitting messages to a receiver with the intent to foster a false belief or conclusion” (p. Identity deception occurs when the messages sent provide information that is misleading about the sender’s identity (Caspi & Gorsky, 2006).

I brushed it off as a concept that would only work in Europe and America, where I incorrectly assumed people there were more open-minded than us conservative South Africans.