Is ciara dating ludacris photos

His current girlfriend Eudoxie was not spotted until the ‘Goodies’ star was out of town.A source told the site: “Ciara asked that Luda NOT bring [Eudoxie] to [club] Opera. Of course, they left together too.” Luda and Ci Ci were also out the next morning to pose for pictures which have been posted online.

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The family moved around a lot during her childhood due to her father's military career.

This caused the Harris family to live in various cities across the US, before settling in Atlanta in her teens.

Later that year, Ciara made her film debut in All You've Got, which received moderate to positive reviews.

Rumors that Ciara and Ludacris are a couple are false according to a close friend of Ciara’s who traveled with the singer to the Super Bowl in Phoenix, Arizona this past weekend.

Ciara was instrumental in the creation of the all-girl group Hearsay, although after recording a few demos, the group broke up due to various differences.