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And when she sits briefly for a conversation, she looks straight at me in a way that indicates she wants to get right down to business, while her mind races ahead to the 20 other items she's got at hand.

In early 2007 she got particularly close to one of the trainers she worked with on the show, Rebecca Cardon, 33.

This season, Rebecca played some lesbian reindeer games on an Olivia cruise, muscled her way through a grueling fitness DVD taping, and saw her Season 2 lip friction with Jackie get replaced with just plain old friction, which was then replaced by friendship.

Rebecca talked to After recently about her relationship with Jackie (and its “undeniable chemistry”), our recaps (yes, she reads them), the interesting people she meets on My Space (and how much they’re willing to pay for her panties), and her experience with a celesbian who is not Jackie (in a tantalizing blind item).

Experience like that would make me lose touch with reality i don’t.