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Two days ago, Ayman Siksek, a Palestinian-Israeli literary critic and author of the successful Hebrew novel “To Jaffa,” wrote a Facebook status in which he describes grimly the terrifying atmosphere of incitement in the country as a whole, and in Jerusalem specifically.

A week after Siksek’s mother was attacked at a local grocery store in Jaffa, a friend in Jerusalem told him to cancel his planned visit to the city, because it was too dangerous. Mobs of hyper-nationalist Jews are roaming the streets of downtown West Jerusalem, past people sitting at outdoor cafes, shouting “death to Arabs! The police are not enforcing the anti-incitement laws against Jews.

The video shows a Palestinian man (wearing a baseball cap), presumably a citizen of Israel. In the background, some of the passengers are muttering things like, “Shut up, you donkey! ” at the Jewish man, while others try to push the uniformed men aside in order to attack the Palestinian.

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“When you grow up in the former Soviet Union, religion comes harder,” says the Ukraine native who now lives in St. “You have to take it slowly and ask a lot of questions.

This I can do at ” Whenever Charlotte Gottlieb prepares a holiday workshop for the Jewish culture group she runs at her independent living center in Chevy Chase, Md., she typically looks no further than Elliott Milgram may live in the Israeli coastal town of Nahariya, but thanks to his trusty computer, Milgram’s Torah and Talmud learning comes from all over the Jewish world.

The man in the white shirt is shouting, “Filthy Arabs! The Facebook comments in response to the video are diverse.

Some express horrors and shame, while others jeer, say they’re sick of the bleeding hearts (who, naturally, should go live in Gaza) and that those Arabs deserve what’s coming to them.

“The online classes and writings help us to understand who we are and why we are here.” The over-55 demographic, though not born with a keyboard in their hands like their grandchildren, is quickly warming to expanding their Jewish horizons online.


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