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The announcement was accompanied by a photo of the actor lounging on a couch with a dog.

Hamilton, 25, is a Georgia-born music producer who has worked with Justin Bieber.

” In related news, Matt, 26, was recently cast as Rebecca Romijn‘s hot new love interest for the new pilot for ABC. ” UPDATE: The song playing in the video is “Girl in the Tower” by Benji Hughes.

“We’re shooting the pilot right now,” Matt told Just this past weekend. is a great guide that explains the steps of how to find a proper website designer. They describe that the killer contract should cover the following: • A simple overview of who is hiring who, what they’re being hired to do, when and for how much• What both parties agree to do and what their respective responsibilities are• The specifics of the deal and what is or isn’t included in the scope• What happens when people change their minds (as they almost always do)• A simple overview of liabilities and other legal matters• You might even include a few jokes I agree with all the bullet points, however I don’t think “jokes” should be included anywhere on a serious contract.


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    Little drops of perspiration were exuding upon the deputys broad, bald brow.

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