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As for background criminal checks, Buffett said they are focused on local records, not necessarily international.He added the best way to deter inappropriate behaviour may be education.In addition to his professional efforts, Victor spends considerable time as a Director and past Chairman with Kennedy House Youth Services Inc., one of the largest in Canada with over 100 full-time staff.

— A 22-year-old man who died following a car crash on Bog Road June 22 is being remembered as someone who lived every day to the fullest and was in the process of changing his life for the better. But there was enough "dry" time in between – however damp and foggy – to join the nation in celebating Canada's 150th birthday. - Early July is the most critical time for people to respect marked nesting areas of endangered piping plovers nesting on South Shore beaches, according to Sue Abbott, Nova Scotia program co-ordinator for Bird Studies Canada’s Nova Scotia piping plover conservation program.

– The day didn't exactly start and end the way organizers had hoped, with some early morning events cancelled due to the rain and the climax to Canada Day – the fireworks over Yarmouth harbour – cancelled.

It’s a simple fact of the Atlantic provinces: people move for work, or else their children move for work, and people filter away; to be closer to their grandkids, or to find better weather or greater opportunity.

Gord has also served in senior corporate management positions in the financial services industry and is an experiences moderator for the Certified Financial Planner and Chartered Life Underwriter professional designations. [email protected] ext 229 Jim has been successfully engaged in the financial services industry since 1967.

"But we do have a multi-national driving pool and there are drivers from areas where that might not be as unacceptable as it is in Canada, and there's where the education component is necessary." In the meantime, Buffett said an unfortunate reality is that people should take note of the taxi roof light number once they get into the vehicle.