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The Bad Pancake Theory, the theory that your first guy after a serious relationship will end in epic failure. It is scary to start analyzing where those relationships have gone.

Like the first pancake, you try to make during breakfast. Thanks to one of my favorite show currently to introduce me to this, Younger. If you have no clue what I am talking about, please do yourself the favor and go binge. The good intelligent conversation happened about anything and everything. So much so that you could have seen fireworks thanks to all of the previous statements. With all of the dating site we have now, and the “next” in line attitude, have we created a domed society of just trying to size up what we have?

I began to pick up new words, and enjoyed having regular chats here and there.

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The last episode that gave me light into this theory really got me thinking, Who was my bad pancake? At the end of the day, I don’t know what life will throw my way.

Sadly I feel like the majority have been bad pancakes. What I do know is that my cheering section is pretty amazing.

With that being said I feel the need to add the shame of the Tinder at the end of this post. Well, that will be my next post since I’ve been advised to keep those guys in the witness protection program.

I feel I should be able to call out you dumb compositions of words you call sentences or pick up lines.

Like some critics of the show say, It is the current Sex in the City, I believe it. I can honestly say that over the last year there are a couple, like two which just happen to be from the UK, that I know were not BP, they were amazing to the point that I am still friends with one.


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