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For many of the 14,500 people who work at the site, 20 miles east of the French capital, there is another, less magical side to the Magic Kingdom. One of them, Franck, a cook at Disneyland for 10 years, killed himself on the day that he was supposed to return to the park after a long period of sickness.

According to his father-in-law, he scratched a message on the wall of his home which read: "Je ne veux pas retourner chez Mickey" (I don't want to work for Mickey any more).

Fans of Sleeping Beauty can marvel at the incredible light display of the Disney Dream show with the famous castle as the backdrop.

It is not necessary to stay in one of the themed Disney hotels, park tickets can be purchased separately and you may choose to enjoy the delights of nearby Paris as part of your visit.

Fantasyland is where Disney’s favourite characters come to life – perhaps spend an afternoon with Peter Pan.