Pros and cons of dating a football player

“I drive around for a few hours, think, observe, or I read the news or learn about everything and anything … and take photos,” he says. One day blends into another and he starts the next one waiting for the gym doors to open at 5 a.m., then he returns home to see the kids off to school and begins his day job of selling medical supplies and services.

On the nights when he finds sleep he rests fitfully for a few hours, rises at 4 and heads out the door for pre-dawn bike rides in the mountains near his home.

If we can take whatever the weather throws us at us, then you can be certain that we can take you at your best and your worst.

The aim of lacrosse is to protect the ball, so we're naturally very protective when it comes to our relationships.

Others said that they only give it if asked, or if they thought their friend was in danger.