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He was a football star in high school, playing the defensive line on one leg.

Literally--he was born with only one leg, and he played without a prosthesis.

Firmware 2.41 (Streamlined FW updating and new icon for platinum trophies) out now. FYI: Rock Band tracks are often available inside the in-game store earlier in the day before the rest of the store update goes live.

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Most of the time they won't dunk if they are people in the lane unless it is a rebound (which doesn't happen more than twice in a game if that).

I think you need to relax and just play some more games cause it really is a good game.

Starting off this week is a stunnering, shattering article by Wright Thompson.

Ghosts of Mississippi is a beautifully written, unforgettable piece of journalism, exploring the Deep South through the lense of the 1962 University of Mississippi football team.

Gamertag: I Play Stoned Games (In order of most played): Fifa 2005Street Fighter Anniversary Edition NBA Inside Drive 2004Halo 2Top Spin Burnout 3Project Gotham Racing 2Crimson Skies Amped 2Moto GP/Mech Assault Demo Clan: Bo W - Band of Whippets ( Gamertag : djcorvusi just got Star Wars: Republic Commando, although playing it online struggles sometimes, due to lack of aussie games.i also have the following.


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