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Danny learns Johnny Carson is expected to dine at Danny's favorite restaurant, so he gets a job there.*The song "I Still Believe In Me", performed by Erica Gimpel and Debbie Allen and co-written by Gary Portnoy (co writer of "Cheers" theme song) was nominated for an Emmy Award for Best Original Song.As of yet, there are have been no plans to release the remaining seasons. Auditions introduce the School of the Arts main characters; oddball Julie Miller, funny Garcy, haughty diva Coco Hernandez, awkward misfit Montgomery Mc Neil, naïve loudmouth Doris Schwartz, reclusive Bruno Martelli and street smart Leroy Johnson.

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In 1983, the series entered syndication, for which it remained until its conclusion in 1987. 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment acquired the rights to release the series under license from MGM and released Seasons One & Two in a box set on September 15, 2009.

Both releases were made available as individual sets on January 12, 2010 via 20th Century Fox.

She is a graduate of the Guildhall School of Music and Drama (1990).

Her first professional role was in the chorus of a pantomime version of Around the World in 80 Days.

Kelly Kapowski (married) Jessie Spano (briefly) Lisa Turtle (dated briefly) Tori Scott (dated briefly) Stacey Carosi (dated briefly) Ginger Baldwin (dated briefly) Danielle (dated briefly) Dr. Zack is one of the most popular students at Bayside and is many girl's crushes.