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These opalescent orbs stare at you with deathly knowledge, undeceived by your vanities and pretences.

They have lived and died through horrors you could never imagine, and now they lie strung in black chords watching every twitch of the shadows.

You get: The two hybrid models Luxox posted a while back. Regarding the models we did get, I added physical variety, bodygroups, and skingroups.woothey're working playermodels as well, for all the nerds who want that It has toe and jaw posing, but you need the joint tool for thatwhich you can get herehttps://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/44650710/joint_tool.7z Facepunch thread:

t=1417044Mediafire Link: My god i love the hybrid models they are amaizing now we just need a few maps but yet again were missing one thing that will complete it all.....

In the board game The Resistance are two factions, Resistance fighters and Spies.