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Spark the romance & inspire your relationship with this collection of love & romance ideas!

(If you have an i Phone running i OS 4.0 or later.)- Paste your favorite romantic ideas into Facebook, Twitter, or Safari via copy/paste function! You probably don't want to hear about my love life, do you.

Get some ideas on what to write in a short SMS, text message, or email to tell the one you love to come back soon or that you miss them. Then this is my life and maybe, however unlikely, I’ll find my way back there. And on that same day, hell will freeze over, the sun will burn out and the stars will fall from the sky. Do you think of me frequently, when you're sitting at home? If I were lost in the woods, you'd see my smoke signal.

He did the one where your partner is sitting down at a desk, an the other partner kisses that person on the cheek.

Of course, he didn't tell me about the app until he tried some of them out.

These short messages can brighten up the face of your loved one with joy.

Simplest way to send these messages is via SMS on your phone.

Therefore, you should try to maintain that spark and magic of love in your relationship.