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Also, the wealthy citizens viewed nearby prostitution as a detriment not only to their families, but also their financial assets.With prostitution in the neighborhood, residential property values dropped, causing a real concern for New Orleans' wealthy.

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So, rather than trying to eliminate prostitution, the wealthy male political leaders instead accepted that, according to Louisiana historian Alecia Long, "sins of the flesh were inevitable" and "gave [Satan] his own address." The municipal government's first attempt to reduce areas of prostitution was with the Lorette Ordinances of 1857.

But, by 1897, many citizens, interested in preserving both the moral and property values of their neighborhoods, advocated for the gathering of the city's prostitutes into a more specific, much smaller district: Storyville.

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)in their singing with kiedis, (kiedis's part in brackets)this is a beautiful song, it makes me feel so at home in my city, and i didn't know it was about heroin at first.was (is still just) a song about Los Angeles and its interesting kind of beauty,and I can relate to how he feels at home in the city and all that.. I always think of it when I hear a "Peps" song.1981 under the bridge in L. homeless living with my family in a rented pontiac.