Sexy anime chat games

Oh sure, there are some great games, but for every Lost Winds, Cave Story or Mega Man 10 there's a bunch of painfully average shovelware; the kind of games you can't believe a publisher has had the gall to try and foist upon the public… We've scoured the bottom of the Wii Ware barrel from the last year or so of releases, and have come up with the five titles that you really, seriously, absolutely have to avoid.

Not only will we give you the lowdown on just why we find them so abhorrent, we'll also award each title a 'value for money' figure - this represents the amount of Wii points you should be reimbursed if you have the misfortune of playing the game in question.

As much of a controversial image they may have, female video game characters continue rock.

From the awkward to the deadly, we still love the fictional girls who never get annoyed by us keeping a gaming controller in our hands.

It shouldn’t be news to anyone that different cultures have wildly different responses to things like sex and violence.