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They think he's only a little older than they are, and the bolder of the two friends goes out to meet him. Then her friend goes looking for her and finds answers best left alone. Released: 2012Main Social Media Featured: Chatroulette Smiley is an urban legend; a guy with a horribly mutilated face who "did it for the lulz." A surprisingly effective slasher with a striking villain for millennial horror fans.

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These are some of the funniest, coolest, and more interesting ones we’ve come across. Some people grow up with their cousins being close childhood friends, almost like siblings but without all that fighting. Remember: Guys chat too, so these are some funny group chat names for the boys and men out there. These are for anyone out there; these cool group chat monikers cover many topics.

Have you got some zany cousins you like to keep in touch with, and want to have a group chat with? Cousins definitely can be like siblings from another mother, so stay in touch with the help of these funny and catchy group chats. What better way to stay in touch when you’re miles apart in distance but not in heart than group chat? These are some of the cool group chat names out there that include a variety of different topics and types.

Since 2010, social media is the newest killer on the block.

Released: 2011Main Social Media Featured: Chat room Two teenage girls start chatting with a guy online.

Following the huge success of Meelah Adams and Erdal Ceylan's Selfie From Hell, I had a think about the modern horror movies that use social media as a tool for terror.