Updating the barracuda firmware

updating the barracuda firmware-29

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PREEXISTING CONDITION: Our firmware was quite out of date, more than one year out of date.

I moved into this department having not worked with Barracuda products before, and did not know that firmware updates were frequent and manual. On phone support, I worked with a Barracuda rep to resolve the issue. The DC Agent instructions say to supply the Barracuda Web Filter with DC IP(s).

Please check the version details below to verify that the bug number for your issue is marked as fixed in the version that you are trying to install (or an earlier one) prior to installing.

Do not manually reboot your system at any time during an update, unless otherwise instructed by Barracuda Networks Technical Support.

We now want to update to another later version, which I think is, however in order to do this we need to update to the broken version first.