Vmware consolidating snapshots

If you have taken hundreds of snaps, then there are hundreds of files for VMware to content with.So, snapshots are not backups, and you should get into the good habit of removing unnecessary ones.I can take a snapshot, install the software, test the software, and then return to the saved snapshot.

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If you see errors for failed conditions, such as running out of disk space, correct them and run the consolidation task.

Note: The consolidate option allows you to consolidate the delta disks to the base disk when there are no snapshots shown in the Snapshot Manager.

Taking a snapshot requires the following steps, assuming you have installed VMware Tools in the vm: Once you start using snapshots, you might get addicted to them. But, there is a performance penalty if you take too many.

Under the covers, each snapshot creates a new file.

Occasionally we saw where a snapshot commit/delete operation request would not merge the snapshot delta files with the VMs base disk (what we term a consolidate operation).


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