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As a EU/EEA/Swiss citizen, you will need a valid passport or ID card, and you have to register with the residents' registration office within three months of entering the country.For more information, see our guide for EU/EEA/Swiss citizens moving to Germany.We also aimed to see whether orthodoxy has any solutions to the doubts he raises. Yet Spong wants us to believe that his words are true and that fundamentalists are most certainly wrong.

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’ In Spong’s world, works which support his view are described as ‘well written and even brilliant works of biblical scholarship’; whereas works supporting biblical inerrancy are ‘tracts, pamphlets, and books from the pens of fundamentalist Christians’ ( [RBF] p. It was after reading comments such as these that we decided to investigate the work and theology of John Spong.

We aimed to see whether his case against Christian orthodoxy is as persuasive as he claims. Words become the vehicles by which experiences are shared.

If you're the spouse or registered partner, unmarried, minor child of a German citizen, or parent/legal guardian of an unmarried, minor German citizen – and not from the EU/EEA/Switzerland – you will be issued with a residence permit as long as the relation you're joining is living in Germany.

Anyone else wishing to join a family member must apply for a residence permit for the purpose of family unification.

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