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The “Deck of Destiny” as its called is a card game that uses Tarot-like cards and functions somewhat like a personality test.

There is a new system that just came out called that is based off of some pretty fascinating psychological studies – and they are giving it away FREE for a limited time (just pay $7.95 S&H fee.) This is a review – Click Here to Get Your Copy of “The Deck of Destiny” For FREE Right Now on the Official Website...

Now when I first heard about this thing, I have to admit it sounded kind of silly.

The story behind this system is something that I found very interesting. Aaron from Stony Brook University developed a set of what he refers to as “Acceleration Questions” that you can use to accelerate the feeling of connection between yourself and a young lady you wish to be intimate with/date. Aaron came up with these questions he probably didn’t do it to help dudes score with women, but lucky for us, that seems like one of the best uses for this research! Aaron did a study where he paired up 200 research subjects (mostly male and female pairs, but some girl/girl pairs as well).

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz was all smiles during a recent trip to the Beverly Center mall in Los Angeles.

Artists from various neighborhoods and disciplines were also invited to provide 15-minute presentations on their work.