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She was born in the suburbs of Omaha, Nebraska, United States of America to Nancy King, a former beauty queen, and Robert King.

She has three siblings, an older sister Sandi, a younger sister Barry and a younger brother Robert who is also known as Robbie. She was enrolled at Nancy Bounds' Studios, a modeling school, and in 1995 she dropped out of Westside High School in order to pursue a modeling career in New York.

Apparently, numerous commenters let the star know that "hey ho" is British slang for "oh well": "'Hey ho' is a British phrase to say like 'Ah well' @jaime_king she wasn't calling you a ho," one commenter wrote.

"I know it doesn't make her post any less ignorant.

"King, who was offended by her choice of words, responded with the following: Dear Jessica- an open letter to your open assault. Oppression is not at my doorstep according to this you.