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During ten years of its work the Fair has been visited by 400 thousand people altogether, who have become guests of more than one thousand different events; the number of publishing houses-exhibitors has been increased in a five-fold, and 450 tons of books have been brought to Krasnoyarsk, 340 tons of them given to the local libraries as consistent with the grant of Mikhail Prokhorov Fund.

Consequently, for the whole period of its existence Krasnoyarsk Book Culture Fair has strengthened presence in the region as one of the most significant and massive annual cultural event on the international level; also a unique format has been worked out giving the possibility of gathering book publishers, authors, readers, artists, performers, musicians, actors, directors, film experts and other people of culture, science and art in one united integrated thematic area.

X Krasnoyarsk Book Culture Fair: modernity as dialogue with traditions X Krasnoyarsk Book Culture Fair (X KRYAKK) will be organized over the period of 2 to 6 November 2016.

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“I have three joys in my life: work, sport and food.

All these come in one and do not make a hobby.” (Prokhorov in an interview with Russian GQ magazine 02/10/2009) Russia’s most eligible bachelor made his name in the financial sector and went on to become one of Russia’s leading industrialists in the precious metals sector.

Young years and jeans laundering According to Prokhorov’s website, “Mikhail’s family instilled in him a strong work ethic and a great love of learning and sports training, which would serve him well in his professional endeavors.” His father worked as Head of the International Relations Department of the Soviet State Sports Committee; his mother did scientific research work at the Moscow Chemical Materials Institute.

He also has an older sister, Irina, who works in publishing.

The team is currently in last place in the NBA Eastern Conference, with a record of 16-22.